About Max & the unknown

Hey so you are here because you’ve been told you have the big C? or you want some information on my journey.

So this is about my battle second time round with Cervical cancer

Here i am and everyone calls me Max


this is me

I am a mummy of two little angels called George and Mia, and they are both so funny and smart, they love to show off their creative side which means lots and lots of laughter. These two are my whole world and the reason why i am fighting so hard. i am a fiance to my partner Mike. #madmike yes he is as crazy as they come, but also as kind as they come.

Lets begin 
been cool

before i had my children and partner, I was in a apprenticeship at a salon in Macclesfield in which i trained there for 6 years! i did my nvq in hairdressing and barbering, and i loved my job as a hairdresser as it was so creative and you get to make people feel better.

I then decided to go off by myself for a few years as a mobile hairdresser which suited me down to the ground with having two small children. I met my partner Mike at first we were friends and then like that, we were together in a loving relationship! like we had our hard times and battles, it wasn’t like out of a romcom or anything, but we made it work and here we are still, together and happy, i got with my best friend, and i think that is what is important in relationships is that you find your best friend! We have a crazy house and i wouldn’t have it any other way, full of children, fur babies, candles, flowers and of course food.

I grew up in Siddington and had a difficult childhood not the easiest but not the hardest, i had a very loving mum and dad who seemed to always have it tough. My parents finally agreed to divorce, which as anyone knows is hard but a few years previously i lost my beautiful little sister in a car accident, this destroyed the whole family and was too much pain for my beautiful parents to bare! so years later my parents move on and found new relationships and now i have a lovely man called Dave in my life who i look at like my dad, he has always been there for my mum and i and we will always be there for Dave, i then lived shared agreements with my mum and dad and life then went on, hated teenage years, school was ok, got tormented because i have auburn hair, I thought i was Buffy the vampire Slayer. i had amazing friends in school they were the best and so crazy, i miss the stupid stuff we used to do, we thought we were so cool, with our goth makeup, rocking to manson (who i still love, huge fan) and when them time went, it was get a job and go make a fool of yourself in the pub, when that time past it was getting busier with my work and ended up having my own business to having my own little family (best thing to happen to me), time does sure fly, i certainly had my ups and down in life and certainly had my blows that have completely changed my life, some for better and some for worse, so please hold tight as i take you through a journey, of blood, sweat and tears, lots of tears, but also magical and heartwarming moments.

i just love muy candles lit next to me, ‘peace’

Remember to attend you smears, tell your doctor for any changes and listen to your heart…a smear could save your life, please don’t ignore the signs, i am hoping my blog will encourage people to get them self checked as its so important.

love Max and the Unknown


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