The Port has been Fitted

The port has been fitted

first shock horror we didn’t wake up on time, stayed asleep through the alarms, mike didn’t even hear his! But we go to IPU just in time, the doctors and nurses were so welcoming and very kind, they got me in and spoke about the procedure, because I just woke up so late, I was very groggy which actually helped as It made me feel less nervous.

Mike wasn’t allowed to come in to the procedure with me, but I had a lovely nurse hold my hand all the way through, at first they sterilize all the area with 70% alcohol with a tube and rub it all over, making you even more sparkly clean, they then insert a needle to put your local in your chest so you can not feel anything, they just talk to you all the way through, and all you feel is strange sensations of pressure and a odd feeling in your throat and chest! I was a little scared but the team was so good that I was ok, as I was in the best care! They put your port in, I didn’t need any sedation just got on with it so I can leave early! When they finally finished they wipe you all clean and give you some water and send you on your way. I feel abit in shock but I went to the cafe with Mike to have a English breakfast as I needed some kind energy back, as it leaves you abit shaken up! The local is starting to wear off a little now so feeling uncomfortable with it, but no major drama!!!

So were in department 22, and a nurse called Mark from pain management has come and saved the day and going to help get rid of all the nerve pain, pregablin 75ml so hopefully in a few days ill be in bliss, with the morphine!!!

Finding it strange to swallow feeling like there is something in my neck with the port, but just get on with it! Take pain meds, take chill pills, talk and get support off my family and friends!

And everything should be ok 🙂

little update Max & the unknown


myself with just having my port fitted

update on the port, omg its so sore having fluids put through apparently i have the new kind of port! one that is under the skin so every time i need my iv attached you have to pierce the skin every single time, and it is so sore and painful when they do it! but it’s still better than having lots and lots of needles in your arm. But it’s great because it keeps your hands free and stop you pulling on your wires making your arm or hands tender. It might not be for everyone, but i definitely need it in my life!

been admitted to hospital first time using my port so still tender, and i look really poorly!

im really poorly on this picture here i’ve been up with a very bad tummy that causing extreme sickness because of the chemotherapy, i don’t know why i just get really bad sickness to the point i need to be in hospital to get IV fluids to replace all the ones i lose with ‘the sickness’ as i call it, the chemo makes me feel that bad for a few days that i need extra support of the fantastic team at the christies.

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