We Don’t Just Have Cancer

We don’t just have Cancer

When we get diagnosed with cancer, we can just get left with the illness of cancer! And we forget that we can suffer with other illnesses. 

My self and my beautiful friend becky decided to do a little write up whilst I was receiving chemo. 

Becky lost her dad Paul to Lymphoma in 2017,, Becky and I are very close and have grown up together because of our parents, Becky and I have both lost our DADS! And we both miss them every single day! 

Becky has a lot of knowledge about cancer having to support her dad through his Lymphoma and has a few things we feel need to be expressed about other illnesses that you battle along beside having cancer !

We believe a lot of patients go into denial with cancer and struggle to accept their illness, people tend to forget that we still struggle with depression, anxiety, low mood, high moods! Cancer doesn’t take all these feelings and illness away, cancer doesn’t cover another illness! 

“I think sometimes that other important illness both physical and mental can be disguised when living with cancer. It can be so difficult for a person or those close to you to work out if something is cancer related or if its something else?”


This is so important to remember when you are seeing a loved one going through cancer, sometimes it’s not cancer, we can have other physical problems because of medication that stop us being able to do things! We need to make sure are body is still running as smoothly as it can! We still need to be able to do everyday activities, brushing our teeth, clean ourselves, we still want to wear our makeup and put on your favorite shirt to feel like you! 

Our dads have inspired both becky and i so much! Becky loves to follow in her dads footpath by keeping his memories close to her, this girl can fix and ride motorbikes and not afraid to get dirt and oil under her nails. She is learning to fly and sail boats this woman is completely action packed and I’m so proud to have as my friend and someone I grew up with.

My dad left me with so much to he taught me so much about how to look after myself and to get out there, i wouldn’t of been a hairdresser if it wasn’t for my dad!!

Bexs and I dedicate this blog for all the dads that passed to another place! Your little princess are still here and fighting and getting the most out of life, we have each other, you have taught us dads how to be strong, how to fight, how to love, to stand up for what we believe in and not to take peoples shit! 

We always love you dads 

From your little princess

This is a picture my dad gave me of himself and Becky’s dad Paul
This was my beautiful dad on his Wedding Day

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