The Effects Of Chemo

The Effects Ok wow my chest is hurting now and i’m staring at my phone counting down the minutes until I have my next dose of pain relief !( I can always have a mouth full of morphine if really needed)  i’m starting to look like a mess, my hands are getting burnt from the chemo and i cant use them properly, I have something called neuropathy which really sucks!! But i’ve been prescribed pregabalin which has worked on my nerve pain really well I actually can’t believe how much it has helped!! Fingers are still numb but it’s taken pain away!! But yes chemo does have bad side effects i’m not going to lie!! I’ve got a constant headache, feel floaty and not here, my skin is burning and cracking open all over my hands!It hurts when I move my neck to the right and even swallow because of the port. I think i’ve done ok with round 1 i really don’t want to have sickness again, i find sickness the worst and a poorly tummy really hard to go through the chemo, last time i was constantly throwing up to a dangerous level and it was having me admitted to hospital every time! Thankfully they have put me on really good anti sickness that stop me been sick!! And i can enjoy food still which is something I couldn’t do before i’ve actually eaten loads today so i’m super proud!! Usually chemo makes you scared of eating anything or touching anything as you instantly think you will die from it, but it’s just learning from it, im going to have to suck it up i’m on chemo for a whole year, ill be doing these three chemos 6 rounds every 3 weeks then 6 months of chemo tablets after!!! So no stop chemo for a whole year!! You’ll be able to blow me over soon!!! As i say i’m becoming an empty vessel, i will have nothing left in my body the way i’m going, i wonder how much I actually weigh if i haven’t had so much of me removed? Or will they want to do more surgery and what the heck would they take out of me next!!! Here have all my organs there going to shit anyways!!Any ways it’s getting time for me to go have my happy hour and hopefully get some sleep as that’s all we need when we’re in this chemo cloud.Thanks for the moan your welcome to moan back Luv Max & the Unknown 

my hands are so burnt after the chemo

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