Trying Out The New Wheels

Trying out the new wheels

So late last night was a nightmare! I suddenly started getting stabbing pains in my lower tummy, really strong horrible pains and the constant urge to use the toilet and have a wee, which by the way burnt like hell, and i just thought “oh great the annoying UTI”, and I just knew I had to get antibiotics, as been on chemo it’s not something you can really leave to the next day, all this started happening around 9:30pm. So I rang the Christie who advised me be best i just see an out of hours GP to get some antibiotics as it would be quicker and easier for myself, so 111 and i got within 30 minutes on the phone to a doctor to prescribe my medication, so bless Mike off he went in a taxi about 11pm at night to go get my when he finally got back I started popping them pills straight away and within 30 mins i got relief from that horrid UTI, thankyou medicine!

Then the morning came and I felt absolutely fine and ready to do the school run, but before we did that we had to do a photo shoot as Mia had her hair done all cute, like you do! By the time I take the kids, and get back I try and do a bit of sorting out, then my mum arrives, i go up stairs pop some more pill as that’s what is keeping me stable and able to walk a bit better, as the neuropathy has gotten so bad, making me struggle to open jars, yoghurts and do up buttons etc…

But as having amazing wife like my jess she has given me a wheelchair that i can have, which has been my saving grace,as i had a doctors appointment that day that my mum could push me there, with my mum only been 5”3 it was a bit of a journey going to the doctors, I don’t think we have laughed that much in a good while! I don’t know how her tiny little self managed to get me up onto the pavement, she may be little but she is fierce and strong, she did brilliantly even tho we nearly landed in a few bushes on the way, but we made it there, so we arrived at the doctors and I went in to do my stick dip and I had an infection, so after we spoke about that, my lovely doctor as me if my blog wanted to feature on the doctors surgery website! which i am so so happy about and would love that! I’m so happy and it brings me so much joy that people are so interested in blog, also they want me to do something for awareness of cervical cancer month to help spread awareness.

So we had a journey back in our new wheels and decided to have mummy and daughter time you know the sort of thing when you get diagnosed with cancer its like how many wigs can i possibly order, and lets get every colour of the rainbow, then we were trying all my wigs on and doing selfies and having a right laugh, and doing a commentary on the world outside my bedroom window, sometimes it’s just great to watch the world outside and see what other people are doing #peoplewatching!

It then came to 3:10 and before we know it’s time to get the kids again, made everyone a huge spaghetti carbonara and after that movie time where i just fell asleep on the sofa and mike couldn’t get the tv to work so movie night was ruined but at least it was a sorta early night and rest, now i am sitting here writing up my blog listening to all the children playing in Georges room all giggling and playing, happiness is the key to a healthy home!

So that’s a normal day in a person’s life who has cancer, who doesn’t have cancer, and for people who are just trying not to fall apart, we’ve got this! And keep going!

Keep it cool guys 

Till next time 

Max & the unknown 


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