round 2

Why does it make you feel so much better when having your face on? can someone please answer me this? So anyway today was round 2 of chemo and its was a hard day today i was not taking to the chemo very well its was making me poorly quite quickly, i started heaving and feeling really sick i don’t know of its mental? physical or all the cheese i’ve been eating that day, but it sucked i felt awful still feel awful now and i’ve been doing my blog since 5am this morning. but while been up this early i’ve decided to make a youtube video and become a youtuber to very exciting times so here’s the link down below. 💋

Im here with my partner Mike we are sitting in dep 1 waiting to be seated up into the chemo ward. we had to wait an hour as it was so so busy i couldn’t believe how mad it was, i really do take my hate (wig) off to everyone in the Chrisite really are fantastic at what they do.

Then mark out of pain management can down, by the way who i love he’s the nicest person as he is always speaking to mike and myself. so we get called up and were up and off for chemo.

tracy my bezzy then takes over from mikes and looks after me for the rest of the evening

After been in hospital having chemo put into me all day and evening, then i decided to start feeling really sick and wasn’t aloud to carry on with my treatment which was rubbish ,as now i have to go back next day to have the rest pumped into me. My organizing the bedroom will just have to wait, but its costing me a fortune in taxi going back and forth to the hospital, but using uber helps (massively). i didn’t sleep all night it’s been awful totally forgotten what the steroids do been staring into space for 5 hours. but it’s cool, so i decided to do my youtubing, youtuber, newbie thing, is that a thing? i don’t think so! but it could be!

Please give it a look and comment and subscribe as let me know what you think in the comment section 💋

Thank You so much for reading my blog means the world to me lv Max & the Unknown


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