Harsh reality check with the big ‘C’

Harsh reality check with the big ‘C’

Right what i am about to tell you is something I have personally experienced, or have been told by someone who is close and wanted to express themselves as well, as I know I am not alone with this one, as I believe a lot of other people who are going through cancer and other illnesses. Have experienced these harsh realities… 

  1. Expect to lose friends, the minute you tell them you have cancer, they literally slam the door in your face, something that has happened to me a few times, they cut ties because you can’t bring anything useful for them anymore, but this is a blessing in disguise, warning signs, no visits (obvs), no cards, no flowers no f**k all, these people would leave you dying in a ditch!!!
  2. People will take advantage of you, ive heard of people telling me that friends have tried to take their belongings before they are even dead yet, asking for stuff that bloody wont go to them, like who do they think they are???? Fack off!!! People will stamp on you when you are vulnerable and try as mislead you! Make lies up so you have to pick between this person and that person! We are ill with cancer we want to suffer in peace not be dragged down your act of attention seeking level 1 million, yes people will get jealous that your getting attention for having cancer, you know why because they are very sick people in this world that need to be put on another planet! Sorry if that has come across heavy but i’ve had cancer then had the cherry put right on top!!!!!
  3. You will still have to do every day “normal” stuff, taking the bins out, cleaning the house, doing the school run, it doesn’t stop because you have cancer! You don’t just get given a maid!

But the beautiful people that are left somewhere on this planet will help you out and drag you out the gutter!!! Thank You to them people who don’t wear capes but are heros, hold onto these people chairse them with everything you got!

You will make new amazing friends on your journey and feel like you’ve known them for 30 years, or be like me adopt a fur baby every time you get told you have cancer, your partner will love you for it!

Also all the things you love like drinking wine, shagging or eating forget it! Wanna have a good time forget it, please take what i’m saying with a pinch of salt and dark humor! My doctor keeps telling us to be intimate with our partners? Like how my fanny is broke? And i mean f**King broke! Like why fanny cancer? Why not finger or toe? If I could pick i wouldn’t pick it at all, but i have cancer so I have no choice. Also expect everyone to treat you like a lepa, you might just spread the filth of cancer to them (yes people are that stupid) be preared to be slung in your bedroom and be poked with a stick if they think youve stopped breathing!!!

But whilest im on this massive rant about cancer i want to bring something very very serious up?? Why isn’t cervical cancer getting spoke to people who have been sexually abused in the past? Why isn’t this a thing that is mentioned to women who have been abused since a young age? You know why because of the STIGMA, cervical cancer is not DIRTY, it’s the same as any other cancer!

The End 

Lv max and the unknown

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