Well today was an experience and a very beautiful one, but also a very hard one as well.

So lets start off from the beginning!

I didn’t hardly sleep all night because of the steroids, them things turn you into a wild animal can’t wait to stop taking them, I am practically foaming at the mouth!!

My amazing mum was here at 7:30 to help with the kids and of course myself, I had a new package delivered of my beautiful bedding, pom pom bead it soo comfy everyone in the world needs this bedding, I feel so safe and happy in it! So we all rolled around in it and had loads of cuddles before my best friend (the wife) came a picked me up and took me to The Christie!! It came to 10am and Jess (the wife) was here, so at least I arrived in style at the Christie with my beautiful tall blonde wife! I am very proud of Jess she has always been a very good friend to me, never let me down and we have always told the truth to each other, all these years we have stuck by each other and we have never let anyone come in-between us and never will. I love you girl you keep doing what your doing and show the world how to shine!!!

We arrive at The Christie and we are on the complete wrong side of the hospital, so we have to practically leg it to the appointment! But we made it on time, and everything went very smoothly, got all my bloods done, my veins scanned to see if the port is a go! And it is but I have to have an extra small one because the doctor says I’m petite! So I am happy about that and I hope it won’t hurt as much going in, I am not going to lie I am anxious about this the thought of having a tube going into your heart sounds like, shit ya pants, turn and leg it!!! but no I have no choice I need to do this and I will, all the pain I’ve been through in my life I can do this they will sedate me so I need to get a grip and take it like a woman!!!

So the lovely doctor gave me this prescription that I have to wash my self with every night to keep extra shiny for my port, and I had to fuck it up and turn round to him and said ‘so will it you who’s sticking it in me on Wednesday’ why the fuck did I say that what an absolute knob head!!!!! Thank you god he was a gent and just smiled and said ‘i think or it will be one our nurses who are just great’. So I grabbed Jess and I was like run…. Red and totally feeling stupid!!! I must of looked like one big ginger person trying to escape down these white halls flapping and very ashamed!!!!

So went pharmacy and they said come back in 30mins meds aren’t ready yet, so we were like cool lets eat and get this wig!

Got to costa got a buttie that I could only eat half of as chemo makes everything taste of nothing or far to strong so could not eat a lot, Jess tucked in her wrap, and then I heard a little voice of an Angel say to me ‘excuse me, but can I ask you about your hair?’ and that was is it, I met a soul warrior sister, we both had so much in common, and we are both so delighted that we get to be friends, and we can talk to each other when ever, and go meet up in the hospital, she is only a few years younger than I, and were practically going through the same thing!

I’ve learnt so much and never be afraid to say hello to someone!

Be kind!

Be honest!

Be brave!

Jess and I were so taken back by this young lady and how lovely she was that she really touched our hearts!

Is there anyone next?

meeeeee I want my wig this is the fun bit, so in Jess and I go and have a good laugh trying all these different sizes, lengths, shapes and thickness, and we both finally agreed on the perfect one that made me feel over the moon and back, it looked so natural, felt like the old me again, but I like been the new me to, but I just get to pick which Max I want to look like.

So after wig time, we are off to pick up Meds, winner they are ready, then we had to fly back home go get birthday cake for Mike and my mum and pick up stronger morphine for my self as I was getting in a lot of pain. We did it all! we accomplished it all in one day!

Got back home for about 4:30pm with burgers and cake for family we all sang happy birthday to my mum and mike. Dave was there so it was lovely.

Kids time for bed and gave me some snuggles as they don’t like to see me really tired and It was a very proactive day, I got to see a lot of my loved ones and I set with medication to help, and everyone is happy with chocolate cake in their bellys!

So once again happy birthday Mike and Mum I hope your wishes come true!
I love you so much my family I am the happiest cancer patient to see!


Luv max and The Unknown.

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