what chemo i am on!

on chemo


every 3 weeks 

6 rounds now (2 down)

takes about 9 hours to get the chemo in one day all three!


known as bevacizumab treats many types of cancers 


trade name paraplatin treats many types of cancer ie/ ovarian, lung and brain 


known as paclitaxel treats many types of cancer such as breast, cervical and lung 


morphine sulphate every 12 hours (long lasting) good pain relief for tissue damage 

metoclopramide helps nausea and vomiting and gastroesopageal reflux disease

pregablin (lyrica) treats neuropathic pain, anxiety disorders and epilepsy

docusate is a medicine that keeps your bowels happy 

paracetamol mild pain relief great for head aches 

lorazepam (ativan) helps anxiety disorders and chemo induced nausea and vomiting 

so this is a little info on myself about medication as i get asked alot what i have to take and what helps so this is it really!!

also eating small snacks that are full of fat helps as i need to try keep weight on! 

lots and lots of water and tea! 

hope this helps thankyou 

max & the unknown 


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