Just do it

Well last night was a low point for me. But today has been turned around. Amazing what a day out and a walk in the fresh air can do. Thankyou National trust for helping my brain 🧠. So my old school friend Jodie came to the rescue today and took George and myself out and we had a great day in the winds. Oh my the wind blew so hard it’s was icy cold! Our noses felt like they were going to drop off. But it was so wonderful to get out and go round Lymm park.

On our way

George isn’t feeling great either, but fine enough for a walk and cake.

Jody and I have been best friends since primary school and have been a huge part of each other’s life’s. Jody is going to be one of my bridesmaids on my wedding. We seen all sorts together and been through all walks of life. But our favourite memories together was doing a photo shoot together where we ended up at some mans house who was into bdsm and Jody was ended up painted like a flower and I as a snow person! it was the most hilarious time. Second time we tried we ended up as a full body paint shoot where we had to watch a poor guy been painted naked as a unicorn 🦄. Something we will never forget.

Friends from the beginning till the end.

We had great times together especially child birthday parties. Jody once came as a witch with her face painted in glow in the dark paint. And no body would let her play hide and seek and she stood out like a sore thumb. I can still remember the voices shouting at her, “Jody just hide your face”, “just stick your face in the bush!” We had great Halloween parties. I miss them so badly. 🧚‍♀️ I miss the old times so badly, I miss my home In Siddington. The old times with my friends were the best, my friends kept me out of dark times, losing my sister as a child really effected my family, losing a child is the hardest thing to watch the people you love go through. But Laura remains at home at Siddington at the tree 🌳 🧡 it was Laura birthday yesterday, Happy birthday my sweet angel 👼

Old times 🧡🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️

It’s hard to look at pictures sometimes life use to be so much more simple back then, I remember just running around outside all the time, no care In the world! Just to go back for one day and hug all the people that aren’t here now. Oh I’ve lost so many beautiful people in my life. Sometimes I wonder how I get from one day to the next but I do. Good family and friends keep me going and going. And Thankyou for that. I love you all so much

Friends make it all better

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