Round 3

Woke up on time for once, got my self ready, my great uncle john and Tina where waiting for me outside ready to take to the Christie hospital 🏥 we got there nice and early put up promptly to the chemo ward where is was given my chemo

Allergic reaction to chemo

This is my great auntie T. My aunt has also battled cervical cancer!

Something my auntie wanted to say which she thought would help other people who know someone close who is going through something similar “ I am not feeling well but I am not going to talk to Maxi about how I feel- she’s got enough to deal with it! I’ll just say I’m fine”.

I’m so glad my auntie was open and Honest about this as I would imagine that a lot of family members do this. I totally understand why they do. But remember because we have an illness it’s doesn’t mean care any less about what your feeling. We still want to know how you are. I don’t judge or compare, but cancer is so awful on everyone it effects your family so so deeply that they don’t dare open up to you. I really do hate cancer for this!

Then after T did the morning and lunch uncle stu arrived and took over as chemo is hard long day and I have a bed so it’s ok for me. Lol. But when stu was with me it all kicked off I had a really bad allergic reaction. They don’t think I’ll be aloud the chemo again as it was so awful. I went red hot all over like I had extreme sunburn. I couldn’t breath, I felt very bad pain in my tummy it was awful. I was so frightened. But lucky enough the nurses ran over gave me a cocktail of drugs and within 20 mins I started to come down and get back to normal. But it’s left me in a bad way mentally now. I so scared of getting my treatment again. What about if something like that happens again. Poor stu. He just sat on the bed watching me, like I said must be awful for family not been able to do anything or say the right thing. It’s not fair on anyone. That’s why you’ve all got to stick together and keep strong. Family are your whole world and keep making me go for my treatments! I love you all with all my heart. And I’m here for you like your are for me. 💙🦋

Love max and the unknown

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